William F. Andress

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PhD, Harvard
B.S. Harvard University
PhD dissertation (2011): "Electronics-regime plasmonics in reduced dimensions"
Five Rings, NYC, NY


William Andress received the B.S. degree (highest honors) in electrical engineering and computer science from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA in 2004, and is currently working toward the PhD degree in electrical engineering and applied physics at Harvard University.

William's current research focus is on studying collective behaviors of electrons and their quantum effects in low-dimensional solid-state nanoscale devices including semiconductor quantum wires and carbon nanotubes, and on their applications for ultrafast electronics.

As an undergraduate working with Donhee Ham at Harvard on the new concept of wave-adaptive 1D resonant cavities (with special attention to their integration in silicon), William published 6 papers in major IEEE conferences and journals, and had 3 US patents granted.

William was awarded the Thomas T. Hoopes Prize for best senior thesis when he graduated from Harvard college in 3 years. He was a recipient of the Analog Devices Outstnading Student Designer Award. William is the recipient of the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship.

* Email: andress@fas.harvard.edu
* Phone 1: 617-496-0142 (Maxwell-Dworkin Room 317)
* Phone 2: 617-495-1052 (Maxwell-Dworkin Room B133)