Up-close and personal with neuronal networks

 Nature Biomed. Eng. (2019)

2019 ADI Award for Henry Hinton

Feb 2019

Henry Hinton wins 2019 Analog Devices Outstanding Student Designer Award.

ESSCIRC/ESSDERC 2019 Joint Plenary Speech


Donhee Ham will deliver a 2019 ESSCIRC/ESSDERC joint plenary speech on copying brain with semiconductor technology.

Winner of 2018 HBI "Beauty of the Brain" Image Contest

December 2018

Our image of rat cortical neurons on our first generation CMOS-nanoelectrode array has been selected as a winner of the 2018 Beauty of the Brain image contest by the Harvard Brain Science Initiative.

ARPA-E OPEN 2018 (Postdoc postions open)

Feb 2019

We are selected for 2018 ARPA-E OPEN funding (1.68 million dollars) for deep subsurface imaging using GaN-based nuclear magnetic resonance. A few post doctoral positions are available. Adequate background includes broadly defined experimental electronic devices and/or circuits. Please send CV and names of at least 2 references to Donhee Ham (donhee@seas.harvard.edu).